Refund Policy and Payment Agreement

Last Updated: 11/02/21

Welcome to Progreda! Our aim is to offer exceptional service and a seamless experience for our users. Below is our refund policy that outlines the procedures and conditions related to cancelling your Progreda subscription.

Refund Policy. Progreda provides users with a licensed access to an All-In-One marketing software that is designed to organize businesses contacts and save time by automating sales and marketing tasks in one system including but not limited text messages, sending emails, and making phone calls. This marketing software is for entrepreneurs and businesses. Functionality includes Contact Manager (CRM) with SmartLists, Email, 2-way SMS, Outbound Calling, Call Tracking, Call Recording, Form Builder, Survey Builder, Funnel Builder, Website Builder, Online Scheduling, Automation Campaigns, Reporting, and more, this software is called Progreda (collectively referred to as “Progreda”).

Our refund policy is simple: Within the first 30 days of signing up for Progreda, you're eligible for a full refund. To request a refund, email [email protected] to cancel your subscription. After 30 days, all payments are nonrefundable, and no credits are provided for partially used subscriptions. Upon cancellation, access continues through the end of your current billing cycle. We retain the right to decline refunds for individuals who abuses this Refund Policy.

Please be aware that refunds will incur a 4.5% Transaction Fee, which is a fee completed by the merchant processor that is non-refundable to Progreda and will be passed on to the client. The refund amount will be reduced by this fee.

Refunds will be applied to the card used for the original purchase. To initiate a refund, please email us at [email protected] and request a Refund Authorization Form. Once the form is received and authorized, refunds will be processed within 7-14 business days.

We reserve the right to deny refunds if we suspect fraudulent activity or misuse of our product. Refunds are also not available for any charges beyond the initial purchase, including but not limited to monthly subscription fees, add-ons, or upgrades.

Eligibility for 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Our 30-day money-back guarantee is designed for new customers ('new signups') who initiate their subscription with us. This guarantee applies to their initial subscription purchase and allows them to request a refund of subscription fees within 30 days if they are unsatisfied. However, please note that this guarantee does not apply to existing customers who have been with us for more than 30 days and choose to upgrade or downgrade to any Progreda Plan, even if they sign a new contract for a different plan. This policy is based on the understanding that existing customers have already experienced our services and are making adjustments within their ongoing relationship with us.

Account Termination and Data Retention. If you decide to terminate your Progreda account, you may do so by sending an email to

[email protected]. Please be aware that upon termination, all data associated with your account will be permanently deleted from our system. For more details on account termination, data retention, and the possibility of account reactivation, please refer to our

Data Retention and Account Reactivation Policy.

Refunds for Unused Credits or Features. If you haven't utilized the features included in your subscription plan, whether by choice or otherwise, it's important to note that unused features are not eligible for a refund. Additionally, any credits remaining in your account are non-refundable. We encourage you to explore and utilize the features and credits available to you to make the most of your subscription. In the event of cancellation, neither the unused features nor the remaining credits will be refunded.

SMS and Email Usage Fees. Important to note is that any fees associated with SMS and email usage are non-refundable. This includes charges for, but not limited to, telephony usage, text messages (SMS) and emails, which cannot be refunded. Refunds, when applicable, pertain solely to the monthly subscription fee.

Notification of Refund Authorization. In our commitment to transparency and effective communication, we strive to keep you informed throughout the refund process. Once the refund is formally authorized, an official email notification will be dispatched to the email address associated with your Progreda account. This email will serve as a formal acknowledgment, confirming the initiation of the refund process. Our objective is to maintain a professional and transparent approach, ensuring you are well-informed at every stage of the refund procedure.

Refund Process. To request a refund, users eligible as per our cancellation policy should initiate the process by sending an email to [email protected] from their registered Progreda account email address with "Refund Request" in the subject line. Within 1-2 business days, our billing team will acknowledge the receipt of the refund request and, if applicable, authorize the refund in accordance with our cancellation policy. The refund amount, calculated based on the policy, minus any relevant transaction fees, will be processed within 7-14 business days and notified to users via email. This structured process aligns with our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

Authorized Payment Method. You must keep a valid payment method on file with Progreda to pay for all fees. Progreda will charge applicable Fees to any valid payment method that you authorize (“Authorized Payment Method”), and Progreda will continue to charge the Authorized Payment Method for applicable fees until this Agreement is terminated, and any and all outstanding fees have been paid in full.

Payment Agreement. By purchasing Progreda, you agree to pay the specified amount for the selected plan at the time of purchase. You can choose to pay monthly or annually, depending on the plan you select. If you select the monthly plan, your credit card will be charged each month on the date of your initial purchase. If you select the annual plan, your credit card will be charged once a year on the date of your initial purchase.

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you may do so at any time. Your new payment plan will take effect immediately, and you will be charged accordingly. If you choose to cancel your subscription, please do so before the next billing cycle to avoid any further charges. If you cancel in middle of your billing cycle, you will have access to Progreda until the end of your billing cycle. You are responsible for any remaining balances, whether you use Progreda or not.

Please note that Progreda reserves the right to change its pricing and payment terms at any time. We will provide notice of any changes to our pricing or payment terms on our website and via email. If you continue to use our product after any such changes, you agree to the new pricing and payment terms.

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