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Why Analytics Are Important

Numbers are like the secret code to success. Without them, you might make offers that people don't like, and that can waste your time and money. With Progreda Numbers, you can see reports in real-time that tell you what's good and what's not.

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Track Immediate and Long-Term Results

Want to see how your new things or ads are doing? Progreda Numbers give you the latest info to help you make good choices. You can also check how your ads and sales funnels are doing over time.

Track Your Customers' Course Progress

You can help your customers learn better by watching how they're doing. You can see what they're learning, how good they are at it, and what parts they've seen. This helps them keep learning until they're done.

Evaluate Different Aspects of Your Campaign's Performance

You can make your sales funnels better by looking at important numbers like how many people are buying, how many look at your pages, and more. If the numbers show that some parts need fixing, you can make things better, like your ads or what you say.

Predict Your Business's Future Performance

Discover whether you're making progress toward your business milestones and objectives. With the ability to monitor historical data, patterns, and trends over time, you can now forecast your business's performance, enabling you to plan and budget effectively.

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Why Do I Need Analytics

Data reigns supreme. Without it, you might create inappropriate offers for the wrong audience, potentially

wasting both time and resources. Thankfully, with Progreda Analytics, you'll have real-time

reporting to discern what's effective and what isn't.

Let Me Show You How It Works…

Monitor Instant and Long-Term Outcomes

Interested in monitoring the performance of a launch or campaign? Our sophisticated analytics provide real-time data, empowering you to make informed decisions about necessary adjustments. Additionally, you can assess and compare the performance of your ads and funnels over time using Progreda Analytics.

Monitor the Progress of Your Customers' Courses

Enhance your customers' or clients' course experience by utilizing our analytics tool to monitor their progress, assess their proficiency, and track viewed modules and their stopping points. This enables you to motivate them to continue on the learning path until completion.

Analyze the Performance of Various Segments in Your Campaign

Fine-tune your funnel's efficiency by examining numerous essential metrics, including sales conversion, page views, opt-in rate, open rate, click-through rate, subscriptions, average cart value, and additional parameters. Using this data, you can identify areas that likely require adjustments to enhance your funnel. For example, if your analytics reveal a low sales conversion rate, you may want to concentrate on improving your headline, story, or offer.

Forecast Future Business Performance

Determine if you're progressing towards achieving your business milestones and goals. Now, you can track historical data, cycles, and trends over time, enabling you to predict your business performance through effective planning and budgeting.

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"Progreda has made things easier for us. We get good leads for our sales funnels, and lots of them become customers. It changed our business a lot."

— Sarah Johnson, Progreda User

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Impress Your Customers with Their Individualized Customer Hub.

Turn the people who visit your website into important customers who pay for your products or services.

Easy and simple way to edit pages by dragging and dropping.

An easy tool to help you track and build good relationships with customers.

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