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Why Choose Progreda Over Linktree?

Maintain Complete Brand Control Of Your Brand

Effortlessly create new landing pages on your website domain within minutes, preserving your brand's appearance without any compromises. This includes the option to remove the Progreda Logo, customize menu items, CSS, and Javascript to align with your brand's unique style.

Created for businesses aiming to scale into the six- and seven-figure range.

Progreda is specialized in businesses, setting it apart from Linktree, which is designed for creators, celebrities, and social media influencers. This specialization positions Progreda as a superior choice for businesses.

Build Complex Marketing Funnels

Progreda excels in creating comprehensive marketing funnels, specifically designed to capture, nurture, and convert leads into paying customers. Unlike other platforms, Progreda ensures that your marketing efforts don't stop when a potential customer clicks on the link in your social media bio. With Progreda, you can effortlessly keep them engaged until they are ready to make a purchase, thanks to lead management, appointment automation, outbound calling, analytics, and a wide range of other valuable features. This comprehensive approach sets Progreda apart and positions it as a superior choice for effective marketing and lead conversion.

Achieve Greater Results with Fewer Resources.

Progreda outshines the competition by offering an all-encompassing tool that efficiently manages your business expenses while meeting its diverse needs. In contrast, Linktree serves as merely one element within a larger marketing funnel. This makes Progreda a superior choice for comprehensive expense management and addressing various business requirements.

24/7 Customer Support

Whenever You Need

Our renowned support team is readily available to provide swift assistance whenever you require it.

We also provide live chat, live Zoom support, concierge migrations, and access to a free Facebook community.

The Genuine Opportunity for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

You require a comprehensive platform that offers affordability from the outset and is user-friendly for your team, capable of handling the following tasks:

  • CRM software for managing your leads, contacts, and deals.

  • A landing page creator.

  • An auto-responder tool.

  • Capability to design and store email marketing templates along with dynamic content.

  • A user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for effortless creation of landing pages and sending personalized email marketing campaigns.

  • A reporting dashboard for visualizing your marketing funnel.

  • Incorporate social media marketing tools.

  • Generate and distribute online surveys and forms.

  • Keep track of sales activities and overall pipeline management.

  • Join the ranks of thousands of Progreda users who have successfully built seven-figure software businesses, all without the need for coding!

Progreda gives you all the tools to find and keep your customers

Chat Automation and More... Access All Your Marketing Tools Here

Get potential customers quickly and turn them into sales.

Create your site just the way you want it to be.

Turn your knowledge into a source of income.

Connect with Your Audience in their inbox.

Design Processes for Automated Marketing.

Create Landing Pages for Your Website or Funnels.

Set Up a Membership Site for Recurring Income.

Create Your Product Once and Make It Available in Any Page.

Try different things on your website, funnels, or emails to see what works better.

Start a blog to share what you know about your industry.

Get all the important information you need to help your business grow.

Impress Your Customers with Their Individualized Customer Hub.

Turn the people who visit your website into important customers who pay for your products or services.

Easy and simple way to edit pages by dragging and dropping.

An easy tool to help you track and build good relationships with customers.

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